Network • Data •Security

Prepare yourself for the future with Wanhive’s cutting-edge solutions crafted to drive innovation and bolster achievement.

Access Control

Filter communications to prevent trust-based attacks launched by the compromised devices.


Define and manage your IoT endpoints and their credentials.


Force the connected devices to prove their identity to prevent intrusion.

5G Ready

Wanhive is 5G ready, are you? Build innovative and futuristic solutions over the 5G network.

Data Security

Ensure integrity and privacy of data during transmission over an insecure network.


Take advantage of the low latency and reliable communication between the devices for mission-critical apps.

Devices And Embedded Platforms

Create connected products that can interact with their surrounding through sensors and actuators. Maintain complete visibility of your devices and remotely control their actions.

See the following link to a video streamer application that demonstrates the multimedia and multistreaming capabilities of the Wanhive IoT Platform.

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