Wanhive Overlay Server

Wan: Wide Area Network
Hive: A place swarming with activities

Wanhive is the core concept the company has been working on. Wanhive is our attempt at creating an extremely efficient, highly consistent and reliable Structured Overlay network which forms the backbone of a "Scalable Messaging Infrastructure".

Wanhive's evolution closely follows the evolution, wide acceptance and usage of small size and portable computing devices like smart phones and the mobile Internet.

Having the whole virtual world in their pockets and at their fingertips the businesses and the enthusiasts alike are seeking faster and easier access to information. Wanhive has the potential of becoming a platform where millions of users (humans and autonomous devices) can both publish and consume services and information goods in real-time.

Wanhive is being designed for mobility, security and speed. Wanhive is also being designed for easy adoption by private and government organizations.

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