Wanhive is 5G ready, are you?

Wanhive IoT Platform offers cutting-edge answers to real-world security and performance challenges.

Wanhive facilitates fast, efficient, and secure communication between thousands of connected devices.

Wanhive's message-oriented binary protocol supports message-based multistreaming as well as the publish-subscribe pattern.

Wanhive Protocol v1.0.0
Authentication hub

For distributed identification, authentication, and authorization of the IoT endpoints.

Wanhive pug

Low profile Linux powered hardware suitable for "Smart Home" and small scale Internet of Things application.

Software development kit (C++)

For application development in C++ programming language.

Smart living
Overlay hub

Acts as an intermediary between the IoT endpoints and moves data between the connected devices.

Web console

Dynamic web application for the management of users and IoT endpoints.

Software development kit (Java)

For IoT endpoints development in Java programming language.

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